NodeWeaver Industrial series

no place is too harsh for running a cloud


NodeWeaver comes with a full
range of certificated hardware for
the most demanding applications

extreme conditions lover

NodeWeaver industrial line is dedicated
to those who need to bring computation
to production lines in hostile enviroments

your strong arm

with NodeWeaver it comes easy to extend and
manage those brances of your business
that have special resistance requirements

a different kind of machine to meet your needs

We are proud to offer the stability and reliability of the NodeWeaver platform in the shape of industrial appliances for vertical industrial markets:

  • marine
  • railway
  • oil/gas
  • high temperature range
  • vibration resistant
  • military

We can provide a complete, integrated and end-to-end certified solution for the virtualization needs in the most demanding applications, including industrial networking and sensor/serial to ethernet capabilities preintegrated in the NodeWeaver control platform.

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